The Grace of the Holy Spirit in Marriage

“I wanted to get you these flowers because I thought they were as beautiful as you.”

Those were the words my husband told me when he brought me these flowers yesterday. And let me tell you, the tears were streaming.

Little did my husband know that I was having a really tough day that day. I had been crying, was overwhelmed, feeling down and just not having a good day. I had asked him if he could run to the grocery store for me on his way home from work to grab some asparagus for dinner. When he got home and I saw the bouquet in his hands he said, “I couldn’t just go to King Soopers for asparagus.”

This thoughtful and simple gesture meant more to me than he knew. As I began to cry he asked me what was wrong. I told him that I had had a day and that this was so nice of him to do for me. My husband then said, “Something told me that I should get these for you.” That is the Holy Spirit at work.

God knew I was having a rough day. The Holy Spirit worked in my husband to do something kind that would help me feel loved and bring a smile to my face. This just made me think of how God is truly always watching over us. Sometimes it may seem like we’re alone or that we can’t hear or see God in our life. But when things like this happen, it’s a reminder that God is always with you. He sees you, He hears you, He knows what you’re dealing with better than anyone. He may not always make his presence obvious, but if we’re open to Him you can see God in everything.

This also highlighted the beauty of marriage in so many ways. To think of how God works between a husband and wife, how praying with your spouse or praying for your spouse has such a strength and grace. It’s moments like this that leave me in awe of God’s goodness and the grace he bestows on married couples.

I love you, hunny.

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