Mass: The Place Where I Feel at Home

You never realize how much you love something until it’s gone.

In 2020, when Churches were closed, I realized how much I love attending Mass. I had never noticed how much it’s a part of me until I couldn’t attend, until I was forced to watch Mass from my living room on my laptop. I will never forget the first time we were forced to attend Mass virtually. Tears streamed down my face the entire time. As Sunday’s came and left, and I saw the empty pews of my parish, the faces of sadness on our priests, it hit me just how much Mass means to me.

Walking back into my parish for the first time after months, I felt as if the void in my heart had been filled. It still felt strange seeing only about 20 people scattered among the pews that are usually filled with hundreds. However, it was better than nothing and I felt at peace again being in my Father’s house.

I’ve always heard people say don’t take things for granted, one day you might not have it anymore. This is completely true. After going months without being able to physically attend Mass and receive Jesus in the Eucharist, I appreciate it so much more every time I attend Mass now. I give God thanks for blessing me with the ability to be in His presence and receive Him before every Mass, which is something I didn’t do before. I’ve realized now that I feel most at home when I’m at Mass. I feel at peace, I feel joy, I feel love and I feel like I’m standing beside Jesus. I’ve realized that the Mass is something I can’t live without. The beauty of our traditions and the holiness felt is something words can’t describe. Looking at back at it now, something good did come from not being able to attend Mass for a while – I gained a whole new appreciation for something I always took for granted.

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