How to Discern God’s Will For You

Discerning God’s will is hard. At times we think we’ve got it, and then we’re thrown a curveball. How many times do we wish we could just give him a call and ask him what we’re supposed to do?

Striving to live our life according to God’s will is a lot easier said than done. We are literally being called to leave our life in the hands of someone we can’t see. To a lot of people that probably sounds crazy, but God’s plan for us is better than anything we could create for ourselves. Why wouldn’t we want that?

So, how do we discern His will then? I’m by no means an expert but these are things I’ve personally learned or have heard from priests that can hopefully help.

The first is prayer. Prayer is the foundation of our relationship with God. This is where we spend time talking with him. But, do we always let him talk to us? Do we make time to sit in silence? So many times I get caught up in just talking the whole time I pray and I don’t stop to let God speak. If we’re reeling things off the whole time, how is God going to get a word in? Discernment comes in the silence. When we simply sit and allow ourselves to be in the presence of God. This is when we can gain clarity of His will.

Second is through scripture. You’re literally reading God’s word! So many times when I’ve been struggling with something, I go pray about it and then I open the Bible. Nearly every time I’ve done that, God has told me something I needed to hear in the passages I just read. God left us the Bible so we can get to know Him better and be reminded that He is always with us through this book that shares the story of his immense love for us.

Finally God can speak to us through others. When I was searching for my future husband, God spoke through others telling me where I needed to go to find him. And they were right. God was right. As long as you keep your mind, heart, and ears open, you will recognize when God is sharing something with you.

God can also speak to us through nature, music, journaling and so many more ways. Figuring out God’s will for us is not easy. However, if we remain open to God’s presence in our life, He will guide us on the path He has set out for each of us.

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