Have You Ever Wanted to Hangout with Jesus?

Have you ever wanted to hangout with Jesus? Hangout with him as if you were best friends?

I recently had this realization that Jesus was human. Now stick with me here. Of course, I know he was human but sometimes I think we see Jesus more in his divine nature than his human nature. It makes sense because, well, he’s Jesus! Of course our first thought is that He is divine and holy!

However, we need to remember that Jesus had two nature’s – his divine and his human nature. Jesus became man and dwelt among us. He was like us in every way, except for sin. That means he felt everything we feel – anger, happiness, frustration, worry, love. It also means that Jesus had a personality. Was he shy or outgoing? Was he funny? Was he serious?

My point is this, Jesus was human and that’s what makes him so incredible. I’m sure God could have done something else in order to have the sins of humanity forgiven. But he didn’t. He sent his son to live among us and perform the greatest sacrifice of love ever seen. He blessed us with His son Jesus Christ so that we could relate to him. So that we could see that He was just like us and see what He did for us!

So, I want to encourage us all to remember the fact that Jesus was human. He was a person with feelings, emotions and a personality. As you pray, imagine hanging out with Jesus. Imagine what he was like. As you spend time in prayer with Him, ask Him to help you grow closer to Him and get to know Him better. See Jesus as, yes, of course, your Lord and Savior but as your friend too. Because He is. He wants that personal relationship with you and what better way than by imagining Jesus as your friend. Tell Him everything, even though He already knows it, and share your heart with Him as you would your best friend here on earth.

I hope that as we begin the Christmas season, we will all grow closer to our Lord, Savior and best friend, Jesus Christ. Christ is born! Alleluia!

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