Patience is Key

Patience. How many times do you hear someone tell you “Patience is a virtue” when you’re desperately waiting for something? How many times do we lack patience and want everything done then and now?

Patience is, in my opinion, one of the hardest traits to fully live out. It’s human nature to want everything right when you want it. No one wants to wait for who knows how long! It’s extremely hard to wait for something, especially if it’s something you deeply desire. Maybe you’re waiting to hear back from a job you really want, maybe you’re single and looking for the one, or maybe you’re trying to get pregnant but it hasn’t happened yet. These are all worthy things to desire.

Patience. God knows your wants more than you know them yourself. He knows your struggles. But God has a plan for you. And with that plan, a perfect time for each desire. God makes all things happen in His perfect timing. We cannot see it in the moment, but when you look back on things, it becomes evident how God works in perfect timing. At times, what we want in the now is not always the best for us. And since God wants the best for us, He makes us wait a bit longer until we’re ready for what He has in store and it’s the right time. Other times, He may be testing us to see if we’re going to trust Him and be patient. He may be calling us to grow in patience because as we grow in patience, we grow in faith because we leave it in God’s hands for Him to do what He wills for each of us.

Our Blessed Mother is a beautiful example of being patient, trusting and having faith in Gods plan. Imagine the patience Mary had as she carried Jesus for 9 months in her womb, awaiting his arrival. After Jesus was crucified, Mary had faith in her sons promise that he would rise from the tomb and she patiently waited those 3 days, trusting in his word. During Advent, we too are called to prepare our hearts as we patiently await the birth of Jesus.

So, as hard as it is, let us strive to grow in patience this Advent and all year. Let us look to our Blessed Mother as an example of this for our lives. And whatever you’re waiting for, be patient because God has a plan, He is with you and wants the best for you.

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