My Tips for Marriage

Marriage is hard. Marriage is beautiful. Marriage is challenging. Marriage is rewarding. Marriage is a true blessing from God.

I’ve been married for one year and 5 months. Just like any couple, we’ve had our ups and our downs but through each of them, especially the downs, we’ve come out as a stronger couple than before. I’m by no means an expert on marriage, but there are 4 things I’ve learned so far that have been extremely helpful for us.

  1. Forgive sincerely
    This may seem obvious, but how hard is it at times to accept your faults and truly ask for forgiveness? It can be really hard! However, we have to be ok with admitting when we’re wrong. We have to be willing to analyze ourselves and the actions we’ve done and see how they could’ve hurt the other. Your marriage is you safe space, it’s ok to mess up sometimes and be vulnerable. No one is perfect, except for God.
  2. Accept the others differences
    Remember, we are each unique individuals made in the image and likeness of God. Though you may share a lot of similarities with your spouse, you are not the same person. At times, we may expect the other to be just like us, to react the same way and then we get frustrated when they don’t. However, that’s not always true. So we have to accept the other for who they are and for their differences, and be patient, because that’s what makes them a unique child of God.
  3. Put time and effort into the relationship
    Again, might seem obvious, but sometimes we get so caught up in our daily routines we forget to do those special things for our spouses like going on dates still or leaving love notes around the house. Make time for these things because it’s important to reconnect with our spouses. Learn each other’s love languages and talk freely to one another about them so you can make sure the other is receiving love.
  4. Put God first in all things
    This is by far the most important because God has to always be at the center of our marriages. We entered into a covenant not only with our spouse, but with God as well when we said “I do.” Pray together, attend Mass together, go to adoration together. Whatever it is, but just spend time together with the Lord.

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