The Beauty of Adoration

At the beginning of the year, one the priests at our parish gave recommendations for New Year’s resolutions. Of course, they were all faith-based. One stood out and my husband and I decided to do it.

Our priest suggested going to adoration weekly, however many times you’d like throughout the week, and to sit and read the Gospels in the presence of our Lord. How beautiful does that sound? Being in the presence of Jesus, reading the words He left us. I’m sure plenty of people already do this, but to me it was new and my heart desired it.

After Mass, my husband and I both mentioned it and decided it would be our New Year’s resolution that we would do together. So, once a week, we go to the adoration chapel at our parish, we take our Bibles, and we read the word of God in His presence. Let me tell you, it has quickly become one of my new favorite things we do together and I can’t believe we didn’t start sooner.

The immense peace felt during adoration is a feeling I wish would never go away. To me, it’s what I imagine heaven to be like. After the first time we went, I remember telling my husband that I had never read the Bible with so much clarity. It was as if Jesus was reading the Gospel of John directly to me.

So, if you haven’t been to adoration in a while I encourage you to make time for it. Spend time before the Blessed Sacrament, in the presence of Christ and allow yourself to be filled with His peace and surrounded by His light.

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