A Moment of Peace Amid Chaos

One of my favorite parts of our wedding was our blind first look where we prayed with each other before the ceremony. In this moment it was as if all the craziness of the day stood still and it was just my soon-to-be husband and I and I felt complete peace.

Leading up to the wedding we prayed a novena for a happy and faithful marriage. The novena included prayers about the vocation of marriage, the sacredness of marriage, husband and wife being called to holiness, living chastity in marriage, self-giving and being open to children, suffering and forgiveness, creating a bright home through faith and affection, creating a cheerful home and have a friendship with your children, and becoming sowers of peace of joy.

The day of the wedding was day 9. So, after we all finished getting ready and taking photos with our bridal party we did a blind first look. Our venue had beautiful arches that allowed us to be on either side without seeing each other. We reached around the arch and held hands as my now husband led us in the final day of the novena. After, we each prayed asking God to be with us as we entered into the sacrament of marriage. We prayed that we always glorify Him through our marriage, that we love one another the way God intended us to love one another, that the Holy Spirit guide us in all things, and that we be filled with the love, peace, joy and presence of God on this special day and everyday.

It was such a special moment as we got to escape from the wedding planner, photographers and family members pulling us in 100 different directions and just be in the presence of the Lord and one another. Afterwards we each got in separate cars and drove to our Church for what was the most beautiful Mass and day I’ve ever experienced. During every moment of our wedding, God’s presence was felt and I couldn’t have hoped for anything better and it was an answered prayer. God never ceases to amaze me.

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