Here I am. You called me.

“Here I am. You called me.”

Yesterday during Mass this continuously rang in my mind. In the first reading, we repeatedly see Samuel saying this in response to God’s call. Though he doesn’t realize it was God right away, at the end of the passage God reveals himself to Samuel. Samuel’s response: “Speak, for your servant is listening.” Do we respond in such a way when we hear the call of the Lord? Do we immediately drop everything to do the will of God?

“Here I am. You called me.”

— 1 Samuel 3:5

“Here I am. You called me.” Such a simple phrase yet so difficult to live out. How many times do we hear the call of God yet are afraid to respond? We fear the unknown. We fear what he might want from us. We fear how it might disrupt our current comfort in life. We fear. Now more than ever we are living in a time where fear is even more present, lurking around every corner. It can be difficult to escape from it.

However, with God we shouldn’t fear. We have to remember that in all things, if it is Gods will for us, He will be there. Guiding us, helping us, blessing us. He will bless us with the gifts, the tools, the ability to do whatever it may be that He is calling us to. God is simply waiting for our ‘yes.’ He is waiting for us to discover within ourselves the thirst that only He can quench. Once we allow Him into our hearts, we begin to see His signs, presence, and blessings in our lives and everything starts to change.

Let us strive to be like Samuel – a willing and eager servant to the Lord. Let us strive to have the courage to respond to God’s call when we hear it. Let us respond to God’s call the same way Samuel did – with a humble, eager and willing heart. Let us not fear the will of God, but embrace it knowing that it is His divine plan for us. Let us find comfort in knowing God will be with us each step of the way. With Him, there is no reason to fear.

Do not fear what God may be asking of you. Everything He places in your life is for a reason and only He knows what the intention behind it is. He may want you to grow in your faith, your trust, your patience, your compassion, and the list goes on and on. He has a purpose. As His children, we are called to evolve and work on ourselves to become better versions of ourselves each and every day. This is why God places what we may see as obstacles in our lives – to better us. As hard as it can be at times, accept it. Accept it knowing that God is giving it to you for a reason. See it as a way to glorify Him and make Him proud of you that you were willing to go through the challenge for Him. It will be worth it. Rely on our Lord, stand firm in your faith, trust, and be willing to hear His voice and answer His call.

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