How a Prayer Corner Can Help Your Prayer Life

A view of my favorite space in our home – my prayer corner.

Prayer is sacred. It’s a time to disconnect from the world and spend time with our Lord. It’s a time to forget about your never-ending to-do list and have a chat with Jesus. It’s a time to express your joys, stresses, frustrations, concerns, desires, and gives thanks. That’s what it’s important to, sort of, set the mood for this time. Of course, prayer looks different for everyone and we can’t always take the time to sit somewhere specific to pray. At times we have to pray in the car while we drive, or on our lunch break, but for those times where you do have the time to truly sit in the presence of Christ, it helps to have a space dedicated for that.

My prayer corner lives in the area next to my side of the bed in mine and my husbands bedroom. On my small bedside table I have the Mary garden I made. On the wall I have a quote from St. John Paul II and an image of him above that. JPII is my favorite saint and I go to him for intercession. Then I have two beautiful images of Jesus. One is an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the other is what I like to call ‘Best Friends Jesus.’ This is one of my favorite images because to me it shows Jesus the man. The man who felt what we feel and relates to us in every way. So I love to look at this picture and just remind myself that Jesus is my friend and he knows what I’m going through at any time. I also have a small image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and above them all, my crucifix.

For me, having these images surround me as I pray is really impactful. They help me to focus my thoughts and truly place myself in the presence of our Lord. I’m able to look up at my crucifix and place myself at the foot of the cross as I hand over my struggles to Jesus. I can look to Mary when I’m in need of guidance on how to be a true woman of faith, a daughter of God.

So, if you don’t already have a space for prayer I encourage you to make one. It doesn’t need to be fancy. A crucifix and a Bible will do. Make your sacred space and you will see how it will transform your prayer life and relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

One thought on “How a Prayer Corner Can Help Your Prayer Life

  1. A prayer corner is such a game changer for any room! Ours is small but mighty, and constantly draws us back to prayer. I absolutely love the “Best Friend Jesus” image! He truly can be our best friend, if we only let him.


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